Lipstick Plant Care


Indoor Lipstick plants require very bright indirect light. Direct sun burns the leaves.

Pet Friendly



Lipstick Plants flower more frequently and more abundantly if you allow the top 25% of the soil dry out before watering. If the leaves of a Lipstick plant appear soft and shriveled, give the plant more water. These plants lose green leaves when they are over-watered.




Lipstick plants like warm temperatures between 75°-85° F.

   Common Problems Q&A

 Why isn't my Lipstick plant blooming?

Lipstick plants love sunlight and will not bloom unless they receive enough sunlight. Lipstick plants thrive under bright, indirect sunlight.

Why are my leaves turning brown and dropping off?

This is likely because your plant is not receiving enough water. Once you start watering again consistently you should have no issues. Always check the soil before watering to make sure you are not overwatering your plant. 

Why are my leaves turning yellow?

This may be because your plant needs more water, more light or both. Check the soil and if it is dry, water your plant. If the soil is wet, leave it for a few days. If your plant is in a low light location move it closer to a sunny window so it can receive more natural light.