Spider Plant Care


Generally speaking, more sun will produce more pronounced variegation in striped varieties and darker green in solid varieties. Too much blazing, direct sunlight can be detrimental and will tend to burn the leaves. Spider plants thrive in bright, indirect lgiht. 

Pet Friendly

Yes, although cats seem to have an attraction to this plant due to its mild hallucinogenic properties similar to catnip. If your cat has a penchant for eating plants you may want to keep this plant out of reach. Although it is considered non-toxic it can cause an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested.


Water your plant when the top 50% of soil is dry. When you water your Spider plant, soak the soil evenly and generously, but then wait a while until you water it again. These plants like to have the soil dry out a little between watering because the roots tend to hold a lot of water, which can cause root rot if the plant is overwatered.




Generally speaking, your plant will do best at consistent temperatures ranging from 70°-90° F; however, they can tolerate lower temperatures. 

   Common Problems Q&A

 Why are my leaves turning brown at the edges?

First it is important to trim off the brown leaves so the plant can dedicate its energy to the healthy leaves. If more than 20% of the plant had brown leaves you should do this in stages, so you do not shock your plant. Your plant may need more humidity, you can help solve this issue by misting your leaves on a regular basis. Brown leaves can also be caused by your tap water. It may be a good idea to filter your water or let the water sit overnight to relieve some of the chlorine. 

Why are my leaves loosing color?

If you notice your Spider plant leaves fading, your plant is likely in need of water. Spider plants like to dry out a bit in between waterings, but careful not to under water. You should water your plant when the top 50% of soil is dry. Try maintaining a consistent watering schedule to avoid any watering issues. Your plant may also need more light, try placing it in an area with bright, indirect light.

Why are my leaves wilting or drooping?

Your Spider plant may have overheated due to too much time in the sun, or it is lacking water. Try placing your Spider plant in an area with less sunlight, they do best in bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure you are also watering your plant when the top 50% of soil is dry and maintaining a consistent watering schedule.